Product Manuals, Instructions & Technical Information

You can locate instructions, technical information & manuals for Sirchie products by either going to the item's product page and clicking on the Specifications Tab, or by looking through the listing below. If you cannot find the document you're looking for, contact your sales representative for assistance.

Latent Print Development Manual - General Information on the development of latent fingerprints with powders & chemicals as well as lifting, backing and fuming processes.

Magnetic Powders & Applicators - Information specific to the use of magnetic powders & applicators in the development of latent fingerprints.

Visible & Fluorescent Invisible Detection Products - Information on Sirchie products designed for Theft Detection.

Latent Fingerprint Development

Latent Print Development Manual

Magnetic Powders & Applicators

Magnuclei Magnetic latent Powder (Nos. MAG100, MAG10016)

FACII Series Products

Mini Light Brushes (Nos. MLB100, MLB100K, MBLB100, MBLB100K)

Small Particle Reagent (Nos. SPR100, SPR200, SPR400UV)

Small Particle Reagent Kit (No. SPR300)

Adhesive Side Development

Adhesive Side Developer (Nos. ASD7D, ASD7L)

Adhesive Side Powder  (Nos. ASP50, ASP50L, ASP150)

Adhesive Tape Release Agent (No. TRA20)

UnStick Adhesive Remover (No. UNSTK100)

Cyanoacrylate & After-Fuming Staining

Ardrox Fluorescent  Dye (Nos. LVS600, LVS700)

Basic Yellow (Nos. LV507, LVS500)

Cyanoacrylate (Omega-Print) Fuming
(Nos. CNA102, CNA103, CNA104, CNA105, CNA106)

Cyano-Bloc Chamber Pre-Treatment Pads (No. CNA110)

CyanoPowder (Nos. CYP15, CYP30)

Cyanowand & Accessories (No. CW100)

Rhodamine 6G Powder (No. LV505)

Ultra Cyano-Shot (No. CNA4000)

DFO & 1,2 Indanedione

1,2-Indanedione (Nos. LV508, LV5081)

1,2-Indanedione Pump Spray (No. LV508L)

DFO Powder & Spray (Nos. DFS300, LV500, LV5001)

Latent Print Standards Pad ( No. LPSP200)

Iodine Fuming

ElectroFume Iodine Fumer (No. FUM250)

Fumette Iodine Fuming Guns (No. DF2016)

Iodine Fuming Kit (No. LPF100)

Iodine Print Enhancers (No. DCA16)

IO-Fume Instant Vaporizer (No. LPF1006)

Latent Print Standards Pad (No. LPSP200)

Physical Developer and Dye Stains

Crystal Violet (Nos. LV502, LV5021)

Latent Print Standards Pad (No. LPSP200)

Oil Red O (No. LV510)

Physical Developer (Nos. LPD100, LPD101)

Sudan Black (Nos. LV504, LV504L)

Ninhydrin Development

Latent Print Standards Pad (No. LPSP200)

Ninhydrin Crystals (Nos. NRP01A, NRP02B, NRP03C)

Ninhydrin HT Spray (No. NHT609)

Special Formula Ninhydrin Spray (No. NSI609)

Silver Nitrate Development

Latent Print Standards Pad (No. LPSP200)

Silver Nitrate Crystal Ampoules (No. SN208)

Fingerprint Lifting & Backing

EZ-Lifter System (No. EZL100)

GLT Series GELifters

Liquid Rubber Fingerprint Lifter Kit (No. LRL1234)

Palm Cluster Lifters (Nos. 135LB, 135LT, 135LW)

Fuming Chambers & Accessories

DFO Development Control Chamber
(Nos. DFC100A, DFC200A)

Laboratory Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (No. FR600)

Laboratory Fuming Heat Chamber (No. 214CA)

Cyanoacrylate Portable Fuming Chambers
(Nos. CNA900, CNA990)

CyanoVac Vacuum Fuming Chambers (Nos. VAC150, VAC350)

DeFumigator Cyanoacrylate Fume Extractor (No. FR300)

Dual Temperature Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber (FR200DT)

Portable Humidifer (No. PUM100B)

Shake-N-Fume Disposable Fuming System (No. FR175FG)

Crime Scene Documentation & Photography

Crime Scene Sketching

Advanced Laser Trajectory Kit (No. LTF200)

Crime Scene Sketching Template (No. CST1)

Digital Measuring Kit (No. DIGMK300)

Flight Path Bracket Kit (No. LTF200FPB)

Laser Trajectory Finder Kit (No. LTF100)

Traffic Template (No. TT1)

Evidence Marking

Evidence Flag Quiver (No. EFQ100)

Photography Products/Supplies

Camera Filter Sizing Instructions (No. BMCF100)

Digital Evidence Photo System (No. DEPS100)

FlexOpod (No. FLXP100)

Mugshot Identification Signs

SirchStand Forensic Photography Stand
(No. PHTSS1000A)

Universal Evidence Photo Stand (Nos. UPS100, UPS100M)

Crime Scene Security

Crime Scene Stepping Pads (No. CSSP100K)

Scene Guard Photo Barrier (No. SCGD20)

RUVIS Systems

Black Talon Accessory Light Support Systems
(No. BTS100U, BTS100UL)

Black Talon Stabillizer (No. BTS300)

KrimeSite Direct View RUVIS Kit (No. KSS60)

RUVIS Companion Illuminator (No. SKSUV13)

Scan-N-Find-Pocket RUVIS Kit (No. KSS8900)

SirchPod Copy Stand (No. KSS9200)

Evidence Collection Tools & Kits

Evidence Collection Kits

Basic Entomology Kit (No. ENT200)

Forensic Entomology Kit (No. ENT1000)

Evidence Vacuums & Microparticle Collection

Evidence Collection Lifter (No. ECL100)

Evidence Vacuum Sweeper Fliter (No. 617E)

Microparticle Evidence Vacuum Adapter (No. 719E1)

Rechargeable Evidence Vacuum Sweeper (No. 620REK)

Repulable Evidence Tape (No. RET001)

SirchVac Evidence Vacuum (Nos. SV110, SV110K, SV220, SV220K)

Trace Evidence Collection Filter (No. 618REF)

Trace Evidence Collection Filters (Nos. 619E1, 619E2)

Metal Detection

Super Scanner V Metal Detector (No. MDWAND)

Evidence Packaging, Labeling & Sealing

SharpsTube Syringe Transport Tube (No. ECT2)

Fire & Arson Evidence Collection

Arson Investigation Liquid Sampler Kit (No. AEC200)

Arson Investigation Solid Sampler Kit (No. AEC300)

Arson Scene Tool Kit (No. AEC400)

Char Depth Gauge (No. CG1000)

Combustible Gas Detector (No. CGD100A)

Debris Shifting Screens (No. DBS3)

Blood Search, ID, Enhancement & Documentation

Acid Yellow 7 (No. LV517L)

Amido Black (Nos. LV501, LV501L, LV5011)

Aqueous Leuco Crystal Violet (No. LV509)

Blood Spatter Kit (No. BSK500)

Blood Testing & Detection Kits (Nos. BT001, MBT288)

Coomassie Blue (No. LV512)

Hungarian Red (Nos. LV503, LV5031)

Phenolphthalein Solution (No. DCB101)

LumaVision Luminol Companion Kits (Nos. LVL1000, LVL2000)


Lumiscene Adv Blood Search Solution (No. LSCENE01)

RSID Bodily Fluid Detection Kits (Nos. IDBL100, IDSE200, IDSA300, IDBF400)

DNA & Biological Evidence Collection

EZ-Dry Swab Box Kit (No. SB1000)

Forensic Swab Dryer (No. FSD100)

Master Seminal Fluid Test Kit (No. SF298)

Tire, Footwear & Toolmark Casting

All-Purpose Evidence Recovery Kit (No. PVS200)

Biofoam Impression System (No. BIF100)

ElectroStatic Dust Print Lifter (No. ESP900)

Disposable Casting Frames (No. IMP00001)

Durocast Impression Compound (Nos. DOC101, DOC1000)

Footprint Residue Lifters (Nos. FR001, FR001BL, FR001WH)

Footwear Impression System (No. EZID400)

Hard-Core Tire & Footprint Casting Kit (No. 639HCB)

Liquid Silicone Casting Kit (No. 640C)

Mikrosil Casting Material (No. MCM100 Series)

Rubber/Gel Footprint Lifters (No. 647C100)

Shake-N-Cast Impression Casting Kits (Nos. SNC42, SNC428, SNC100)

Tire & Footprint Plaster Casting Kit (No. 639C)

Zip-Mix Hard-Core Blue Casting (Nos. HCB100, HCB100Z)

Zip-Mix Plaster Casting (No. ZMP100)

Magnifiers & Comparators

Digital Forensic Evidence Examination Station
(No. FXE350A)

Forensic Optical Comparator (No. FX8B)

Illuminated Comparator (No. 365M)

Ridge Pro Plus Digital Magnifier (No. FXM50A)

Narcotics Investigation

 Thin Layer Chromatography of Marijuana (No. MZ020)

Personal Protection (PPE)

Multi-Purpose Half Mask Regulator (No. PU0010)

Multi-Purpose Half Mask Regulator Filters (No. PU0011, PU0012, PU0013)

Digital Forensics

Digital Mobile Device Kit (No. DSRK100)

Theft & Fraud Detection

Visible & Fluorescent Invisible Detection Products

Erased Writing Detection Kit (No. EWD1001)

Indented Writing Restoration Kit (No. IRS1001)

Master Questioned Documents Kit (No. MQDA100)

Questioned Document Analysis Plates (Nos. 370H, 371H, 372H, 373H)

GSR, Trace Metals & Serial Number Restoration

GSR & Explosives Detection

BlueView Gunpowder Particle Test Kit (No. BV100)

Explosives Residue Detection Kit (No. ERTT10)

Atomic Absorption Analysis Kit (No. AAA100)

Gunpowder Particle Detection Kit (No. GPD100)

Trace Metal Detection Kit (No. TMDT100)

Serial Number Restoration

Serial Number Restoration Equipment & Kits
(Nos. MNR100, 284A, RAG500, RPR1006)

Premier Riot & Crowd Control Gear

Quick Realease Buckle (No. QRB2)

Fingerprint Taking

Autopalm Printer Outfits

Cadaver Taking Kit (No. CTK100)

EZ Scan Ridge Enhancer (No. FPT00001)

Fingerprint Roller Replacement (Nos. FRR200, FRR300, FRR400, PIP100R, PM283PIPR)

Fingerprinting Benches (FPT & PFT Series)

Fingerprint Bench Assembly (No. PFT100, PFT200 Series)

Portable Fingerprint Taking Outfits (No. PFT500, PFT600 Series)

Postmortem Finger Straightener Kit (No. PMFS500)

Postmortem Tool Kits (Nos. PMFT01, PMFT02)

PrintMatic Pre-Inked Fingerprint Rollers (No. PIP100, PIP200, PIP300)

PrintMatic Pre-Inked Horizontal Roller (No. PIP100H)

PrintMatic Pre-Inked Postmortem Rollers
(Nos. PM283PIP, PM283PIPH)

Strip-Clean Sheets (No. FPT210)

SIS Series Disposable Ink Strips

SupremInk Fingerprint Ink (Nos. SUP2, SUP4)

Alternate Light Sources

AC/DC Longwave UV Light (No. 762ADC)

Bluemaxx Barrier & Excitation Filters (BMS & BMF Series)

Bluemaxx Forensic Light Source (No. BM300)

Bluemaxx—Rechargeable version (No. BM500LED)

Bluemaxx Amalgam Kits (Nos. BMA100, BMA200)

Dual Lamp Forensic UV Lights (Nos. 782ADC, 782ADCST)

Longwave UV (9-watt) Forensic Light (No. UVP900)

megaMAXX ALS System (No. MMX300)

megaMAXX Assistant (No. MMX203)

Micro Bluemaxx (No. BMMB100)

Mini Bluemaxx III Kit (No. BMK250A)

Tactical MAX Forensic Light Kit (No. TMX200)

UV ForensiTorch (Nos. UVFT100A, UVFT1000, UVFT2000)

UV Mini Longwave Light (No. CUV100T)

UV Mini Shortwave Light (No. CUV100TS)

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