Latent Print Kits

Sirchie's Latent Print Field Kits are used by law enforcement agencies worldwide

Sirchie’s Latent Print Field Kits offer a combination of many of the most widely used latent print development products available. The products in these kits are of the highest quality and are designed to best accommodate the needs and requirements of crime scene investigators.

Our kits vary according to the numerous functions performed by crime scene investigators and range from the very modest to very complex.

Custom-Design Kits According to Your Needs

Considering that agencies have varying requirements and that kits must conform to the special needs of their investigators—Sirchie is prepared to assist your department in designing customized kits that provide your investigator with the supplies and materials which will make their work more efficient.

Email us at or call us at 800.356.7311 to learn more about working with Sirchie to create a Custom Kit for your department.

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