DNA-Free Latent Print Processing

With advances in DNA analysis, full profiles can be obtained from very small samples. This has led to CSI processing crime scenes for “touch DNA”. This means DNA that is recovered from skin cells that are left behind when a person touches or comes into contact with something, such as clothes or weapons.

It is therefore critical that the integrity of the crime scene be maintained, including eliminating cross-contamination possibilities from the tools and methods used to collect the DNA and the tools used to process the crime scenes.

To meet your needs, we now offer DNA-Free Processing tools, including brushes, powders, and lifting tape. They operate and have the same integrity as our products but:

  • These items are treated with a scientifically proven DNA destroying process that penetrates and decontaminates throughout, not just on the surface.
  • Each lot is certified through a third party testing to ensure each batch processed is DNA free.
  • All items are packaged to prevent contamination before use, and are meant to be used only once.
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