Sirchie offers hands-on training courses for the global law enforcement community at our dedicated training facility in Youngsville, NC and through host departments

Train at Sirchie or a Host Department 

Give yourself and your team the opportunity to build your skills with Sirchie training.  Sirchie has a long history of providing hands-on training experiences for law enforcement around the globe,  training thousands of law enforcement professionals on proper techniques and providing opportunities for hands-on experience working with crime scene investigation and forensic tools.

Where to stay when attending training at Sirchie: We have negotiated lower rates for our students at area hotels. Click here for more information.

View our full line of free webinar trainings HERE (Some videos are password protected, please email for more information)

Available Trainings 

Courtroom Presentation of Forensic Evidence

                Effective Courtroom Testimony Preparation and Presentation for Forensic Science Practitioners

Digital Device Forensics

               Cellphone Forensics 

               Digital Device Forensics 

               Digital Forensics for Media 

               Drone Forensics 

               Open Source Intelligence - Internet

Crime Scene Investigations 

               Arson Investigation

               Bloodstain Pattern Documentation 

               Crime Scene and Evidence Photography

               Clandestine Graves Search and Recovery 

               Evidence Collection and Processing 

               Forensic Firearm and Toolmark Identification and Shooting Reconstruction

               UV/IR Forensic Photography 

Recommended for Educators 

               Digital Forensics for Educators 

               Forensic Symposium for Educators 

               Evidence Collection and Processing 

               Introduction to the Science of Fingerprints 

Fingerprinting and Footwear Impressions 

               Advanced Latent Palm Print Comparison

               Advance Latent Print Ridgeology 

               Basic Latent Fingerprint Comparison 

                   Comprehensive Advanced Latent Print Comparison

               Introduction to the Science of Fingerprints 

               Mastering the IAI Latent Print Exam 

Footwear Impressions 

                              Phase 1: Footwear Impressions - Detection, Recovery, Identification 

                              Phase 2: Footwear Impressions - Examinations, Comparison, Identification 

NARK Training

              NARK Training: Get User Certification for our NARK Presumptive Drug Tests

Sirchie Training in Your Area 

               Bloodstain Pattern Documentation 

               Corrections Investigations 

               Crime Scene Photography 

               CSI Photography and Evidence Processing Technology 

               Evidence Collection and Processing      

Be a Host and Bring Sirchie Training to your Local Area

Understanding that travel budgets can be tight, we offer classes on location at host facilities. While our Evidence Collection class remains the most popular, some specialty courses are also available including: Crime Scene PhotographyBloodstain Pattern Documentation, and Corrections Investigation. Call us at 800.356.7311 or email at for more information.


Available Training

  • Bloodstain Pattern Documentation Class

    Throughout the United States and certainly in smaller departments, the crime scene technician faces the complexities of homicide scenes without the proper support or training. Like all forensi...
  • Evidence Collection and Processing Training

    Our Evidence Collection and Processing Training Program provides law enforcement professionals and crime scene investigators with hands on training using forensic tools that will help to execute th...