We offer dedicated teams to help you determine what you need and to guide you the through the process, end-to-end, to deliver the quality customer vehicle solution that meets and exceeds your expectations. We are a single-source provider of specialty vehicles and can help get you into the vehicle that fits your needs and budget. And we will even assist you in writing a grant to help secure the capital needed to buy the custom vehicle(s) your department needs.

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Available Training

  • Mastering the IAI Latent Print Exam Class

    Minimum requirements for the class: Each student must have at least 1 year of Latent print experience to be accepted in the class.  Background: Examiners who are preparing to take the L...
  • Evidence Collection and Processing Training

    Our Evidence Collection and Processing Training Program provides law enforcement professionals and crime scene investigators with hands on training using forensic tools that will help to execute th...