Large Box Trucks


Our large box truck platforms are meant for those agencies that require maximum work area sizes with greater storage capacity than can be provided by our smaller vehicles. These platforms are ideal for multiple missions such as a combination of Evidence Collection/Mobile Command.

Available optional features and equipment:

• Police Lighting & Siren Systems
• Onboard Power Generator
• Exterior Area Lighting
• Awnings
• Rooftop Observation Deck
• Over Cab Attic Storage
• Shore Power Connection
• Writing Desk & Whiteboard

• Multiple Seating options available
• Telecommunication Systems
• First Aid Kits
• Fire Extingisher
• Interior work area lighting
• AC unit for work area
• Lavatories
• Sink with water reservoir

• Refrigerator
• Multiple Storage options available
• Forensic Equipment & Supplies
• Drone Equipment & Storage
• Remote Live Scan Booking Systems
• Graphics Packages available

A: Police Lights
B: Antennae
C: AC Unit
D: Area Lights
E: Exterior Storage
F: Non-Skid Flooring
G: Writing Desk
H: Digital Clock

I: Overhead Storage
J: Smoke Detector
K: Under Cabinet Lighting
L: AC Comfort Control Panel
M: Light Dimmer Switch
N: Internal Light Switches
O: Electric Utility Closet
P: First Aid Kit

Q: Aisle Table
R: Refrigerator
S: Storage Drawers
T: Bench Seating
U: Computer Server Enclosure
V: Power Outlet
W: Computer Monitor
X: Generator Control Panel

Y: Rear Access Door
Z: Side Access Door
AA: Awning Switch
BB: Hydraulic Leveling System
CC: Radio Microphone
DD: Siren & Police Light Controls
EE: Hydraulic Leveling Controls
FF: Electric Powered Awning

A: Area Lights
B: Generator Storage & Access
C: Exterior Ventilation Port
D: Exterior Storage Access
E: Ceiling Fan

F: Wetsuit Storage
G: Storage Drawers
H: Heater
I: Adjustable Shelving Unit
J: Secured Storage Closet

K: Exterior Door Access
L: Overhead Storage
M: Countertop
N: Water Tank Monitors
O: Power Outlet

P: Bench Seating
Q: Scuba Tank Storage
R: Batteries
S: Equipment Personnel Cleanup

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