NARK Training: Get User Certification for our NARK Presumptive Drug Tests


For law enforcement only.

The NARK II system for the presumptive identification of controlled substances can be a key component to establishing probable cause. A variety of colorimetric chemical tests react with suspect substances, causing a specific color reaction for a presumptive identification. Understand false positives, the right colors and sequence, and the right techniques for our NARK presumptive drug tests through our NARK Training.

We offer two formats to get certification; You have the flexibility to choose which one fits your schedule and/or your department.

Option 1: User Certification Webinar
Our online webinars will qualify officers in the proper operation of the NARK testing system. Students review the proper protocol for testing, including necessary documentation. Trainees will also review the origins of many controlled substances, how to visually identify some of them, and stay updated with the current trends in drug usage. Training is conducted as a one-hour online training session in a webinar format.

Please note, due to the sensitive information of this webinar, all potential students will be vetted. Please use your department email. Once verified, we will send you the links to the Training Video and Test.

Option 2: Live Webinar User Certification
We will schedule a time with your department to show a live NARK webinar and answer any questions during the presentation.
A minimum of 30 officers is required for the live webinar. Please email our Training Coordinator, Michele Davis at

Product Restrictions

  • Restricted to LEO
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