Lumicyano, 100g Kit (125 cycles)

Lumicyano, 100g Kit (125 cycles)

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The One-Step Fluorescent Cyanoacrylate Fuming Process

Lumicyano allows, with a one-step process, the revelation of fluorescent fingerprints in standard fuming chambers. It removes the post-processing stage of dyeing or dusting with powder- fingerprints are fluorescent immediately.

For numerous forensic forces using Lumicyano throughout the world, this technology is highly time saving and allows an increased efficiency. Indeed, traditionally used latent prints development protocols (fumigation + dyeing) need up to 48 hours and alter irremediably DNA. With Lumicyano, forensic experts can develop latent prints in less than 30 minutes, while maintaining DNA sampling possible thus allowing rapid double identifications (papillary then biological) on a single print.

• Fume & Dye in one step in less than 30 minutes

• Level 3 ridge details

• DNA sampling compatible

• Operates in all fuming chambers

• Can be used directly at crime scene

• After treatment results can be viewed and photographed under shortwave UV light (254nm), Blue light (455nm), Cyan Light (470nm), and Green Light (505nm & 530nm). Blue and Green Lights should be used in conjunction with Orange and Red Barrier Filters for viewing and photography.