Dual Temperature Cyanoacrylate Laboratory Fuming Chamber 110V AC


This is SIRCHIE's newly redesigned Dual Temperature Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chamber. It features a 4.0 cubic-foot volume for processing a large number of items simultaneously. The two heating elements can be switched independently between Standard (230 degrees F) for fuming with regular cyanoacrylate liquid and Hi-Temp (500 degrees F) for use with our New CyanoPowder Crystals.

Closely monitor latent print development through the clear, polycarbonate front door panel. By utilizing the built-in control print hanger, the guesswork's taken out of fuming time. Two inlet ports will accommodate the Sirchie Cyanowand, Portable Humidifier and DeFumigator. In order to prevent build-up of cyanoacrylate on the polycarbonate surfaces, use the supplied CyanoBloc Treatment Pads before the initial use.


cyp15      result

CyanoPowder® is a new crystalline formulation that eliminates the shelf life issues of standard liquid cyanoacrylate, but yields identical, if not improved, results. The powder remains usable for years, reducing the waste, without sacrificing performance. 


The FR200DT is supplied with:

1- CYP15 CyanoPowder, 1.5 gram Singles, 6-Pack

1- CNA103 Omega-Print fingerprint Developer, 16 oz

1- CNA106 Omega-Print Disposable Fuming Trays, 25

1- CNA104 Omega-Print Dispersal Pads, 100

2- CNA20001 FINDER Cyanoacrylate Packets

1- CNA110 Cyano-Bloc Pre-treatment and Post-treatment Pads

1- FR201 Fuming Control Cards, Pad of 50

1- FR1002 Fuming Platform, Wire Mesh

4- Evidence Support Rods

16- FR1006 Evidence Clips

Product Restrictions

  • HAZMAT Shipping Charge

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