CyanoPowder 1.5 gram Single

CyanoPowder, 1.5g singles (6 pack)


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CyanoPowder® is a proprietary manufactured ethyl-2 polycyanoacrylate powder used for latent fingerprint processing. It helps investigators obtain highly specific and accurate fingerprint results on a variety of surfaces, including glass, plastic, metal, and paint.

CyanoPowder® is easier to handle and safer than liquid glue, designed specifically for lab safety and development performance. Additionally, CyanoPowder® serves as an environmentally friendly alternative to liquid glues, helping labs cut waste and save money.

Unlike cyanoacrylate liquid which can harden over time rendering it unusable, CyanoPowder® has an unlimited shelf life, and can be stored indefinitely.

Sold in 1.5 gram sealed packs, 6 each.

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