KRIMESITE IMAGER Direct View Kit with 60mm UV Lens

From the redesigned lightweight body, fashioned from a single piece of extruded aluminum, to the superior 60mm 4 element all quartz lens with dual filter slide assembly—the KSS60 sets a new standard for crime scene search capability. The 60mm UV lens is our very finest, which requires no add-on lens adapters for close-up and distance viewing. Because of this exceptional lens and filter combination, close-up, distance viewing and photography can be accomplished without ever changing the mechanical configuration of the device. The Direct View Kit is supplied with everything you need to search a crime scene for latent prints on non-porous surfaces.


1- KRIMESITE™ IMAGER w/KSS100b 60mm UV Lens

1- LTF102 Ballistic Laser Pointer

1- Dual Filter Slide Assembly (Luminol/Visible and UV)

1- CR123 Lithium Battery

12- AA Alkaline Batteries

1- KRIMESITE™ IMAGER Steady Rest w/Removable Pistol Grip

1- 58mm Camera Adapter

1- KSS9200 SIRCHPOD® Copy Stand

1- CUV100TS UV Mini Light Source (4-watt 254nm shortwave, battery operated)

1- 782ADCST 8-Watt Shortwave UV (254nm) Light with Tripod Mount

2- 797GV UV Protection Spectacles

1- EPS30KS Photo Evidence Scales (white on black, 10-pk)

1- KSS684 Pkg. Arrow Designators (96/pk)

1- Operator’s Manual

1- Pelican® 1550 IP67 rated Carry Case, Custom- fitted, moisture resistant, 20.66” (52.5cm) L x 17.20” (43.7cm) W x 8.40” (21.3cm) D

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