SEARCH Tactical Master Expert Latent Print Kit


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This SIRCHIE kit offers the crime scene investigator all the methods of developing fingerprints available from SIRCHIE. All of the necessary support equipment is included. The components of this kit should enable the user to accomplish successful latent fingerprint development in the field. We use 1000-denier nylon throughout to give you a long lasting bag that can handle the weight of all your gear and accessories. The carrying handles are heavy-duty nylon with molded plastic lockable grips and won’t fail under a heavy load.

TLK400 contents:

Latent Print Processing:

1– 101L Silk black latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– 103L White latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SB201L Silver/black latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SG202L Silver/Gray Latent Print Powder, 2oz. (59ml)

1– SR301L Silver/red latent powder, 2oz. (59ml)

2– 122L Fiberglass Latent Print Brush

5– 118L SEARCH Regular Powder Brushes


Magnetic latent print processing:

1– M114L Magnetic Powder, Regular Black, 1oz. (30ml)

1– M116L Magnetic Powder, White, 1oz. (30ml)

1– SBM9 Magnetic Powder, Silver/Black, 1oz. (30ml)

1– SBM10 Magnetic Powder, Silver/Gray, 1oz. (30ml)

1– SBM12 Magnetic Powder, Silver/Red, 1oz. (30ml)

1– 125L Standard Magnetic Powder Applicator

Chemical Processing:

1– NSI609 Special Formula Ninhydrin Spray, 8oz. (240ml)

1– 205C Silver Nitrate Spray, 8oz. (240ml)

1– SPR1008 Small Particle Reagent, dark 250ml

4– DF201 Fumette™ Disposable Iodine Fuming Guns

4– DCA 1 SEARCH® Iodine Print Enhancers

6– C NA20001  The Finder™ Cyanoacrylate Developing Packets


Fingerprint lifters:

1– 144L2 Lifting Tape, Transparent, 2" x 360"

1– 145L2 Lifting Tape, Frosted, 2" x 360"

12– 130LT1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifters,1.5" x 2" transparent

12– 130LW1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifters, 1.5" x 2" white

12– 130LB1 SEARCH® Hinge Lifters, 1.5" x 2" black

4– 131LT41 SEARCH® Hinge Lifters, 4" x 4" transparent

4– 131LW41 SEARCH® Hinge Lifters, 4" x 4" white

4– 131LB41 SEARCH® Hinge Lifter, 4" x 4" black

2– 125LW1 Rubber gel lifters: 7" x 9" white

2– 125LB1 Rubber gel lifters: 7" x 9" black

1– L B0011 SEARCH® Lifted Print Backing Cards 50/pad


Support Components:

1– 317P 3" Magnifier

1– KCP115 Penlight w/ 2X AA batteries

1– 601E Photo Evidence Rule Tape, 1" x 30’ (2.5cm x 12.7m)

1– 603E Evidence Identification Tape, 1" x 30’ (2.5cm x 12.7m)

1– KCP114 Retractable measuring tape, 6’ (2m)

1– KCP110 Scissors

1– KCP116 Pocket Notebook w/pen

1– Water dispensing bottle, 8oz. (240ml)

4– KCP117 Disposable towels, 4-ply

8– ZTE011 Evidence Bags, 4” x 6” (10.2cm x 30.5cm)

3– ZTE021 Evidence Bags, 9” x 12” (22.9cm x 30.5cm)

8– FPT1C1 Super cleaner towelettes


Tactical case description:

• 16.5”X12.5”X5.5” inside main compartment

• Two front pockets measuring 7”X10”X2.5”

• Large back pocket measuring 16.5”X10.5”X2”

• Molle/Alice interior panel

• Made from 1000-denier textured nylon

• Luggage handle panel

• Name tape holder

• Large hidden pocket with full Back Up Belt System™

• Light colored interior for easy access to gear

• Expandable side pockets

• Molded handle