SEARCH II Tactical Latent Print Kit

SEARCH II Tactical Latent Print Kit


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The SEARCH II is our most complete, compact latent print field kit.  This kit is complete with a “search” comparison and elimination book along with the compact thermoplastic fingerprint pad. This combination kit permits the investigator to locate, develop, lift and preserve latent evidence plus take elimination fingerprints at the scene.  SIRCHIE’s best Fiberglass brush is provided for each color of powder.  Powder colors may be changed if desired. A large selection of fingerprint lifters is included. This kit is an excellent choice for those departments with crime scene search teams. Kit includes a removable foam insert for securing and protecting powder jars.

TLK100 Contents:

1 - 101L Silk black latent powder 2 oz.

1 - 103L White latent powder 2 oz

1 - SG202L Silver/Gray latent print powder 2 oz

3 - 122L1 Kit size fiberglass latent print brushes

1 - 130LT Transparent hinge lifters, 24ea.

12 - 130LB1 Black hinge lifters

12 - 130LW White hinge lifters

6 - 131LT1 Transparent hinge lifters

6 - 131LB1 Black hinge lifters

6 - 131LW1 White hinge lifters

2 - 127LW1 White rubber/gel lifters

2 - 127LB1 Black rubber/gel lifters

1 - PFP700 PrintMatic Flawless fingerprint pad

1 - FPT270A Elimination fingerprint form pad

1 - 379M Attached case magnifier

1 - 603E Evidence marking tape

6 - 621E1 Evidence preserver bags 4" x 10"

9 - FPT1C1 Super cleaner towelettes

1 - SKB VTAC ™ 1050D nylon case featuring YKK zippers, Fold out organizing panel, 3 compartments, Heavy duty nylon handles, Non-slip padded shoulder strap & High impact plastic D rings