OSCR360 Capture Kit & Software Package


OSCR360 Scene Documentation, Organization & Presentation System

Affordable. Intuitive. Immersive.

Team up with OSCR360 for better efficiency, greater clarity, and stronger integrity within your investigations. Using the OSCR capture kit and desktop software, you can easily document the crime scene and create an immersive walk-through for the courtroom. 

OSCR360 accelerates the investigation process, simplifies the organization of evidence, and enhances the storytelling of the case presentation. Compared to expensive laser scanners, the OSCR system is a more cost-effective alternative for department budgets.  

Let us help make your job easier with OSCR360. Contact Ethan Roby at 800.356.7311 or eroby@sirchie.com for more information or to schedule an online demo. 

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Capture the scene. 

Set up the OSCR360 spherical camera with the GPS sensor tube and follow the prompts on the tablet. As you document the scene, GPS coordinates will be captured with every 360-degree photograph taken. Preview your 360 images via the OSCR tablet app as you navigate the scene. Panoramic photos automatically stitch together during the time of capture so there is no need for post-production editing.    

Build the case. 

Sync your photographs to the OSCR desktop software so you can create your case project file. You can import additional evidence files such as images, pdfs, word documents, videos, audio, gps pings, and more. The interface is intuitive as on-screen prompts walk the user through the program so minimal training is necessary.


Tell the story.

Take the jury on a virtual tour of the crime scene through the OSCR software. Use the free OSCR360 viewer to share your project with the rest of your team and prosecutor as well to comply with discovery demands.


Use OSCR360 for: 

  • Crime scene & fire investigations  
  • Traffic accident investigations 
  • Search warrants 
  • Active shooter pre-planning 
  • Emergency preparedness planning 
  • Courtroom testimony 
  • Education & Training
  • Cold cases

Capture the Scene. Build the Case. Tell the Story. 

Powerful Simplicity

The real power of OSCR360 lies in its project building software. Easy to use yet powerful, OSCR360 allows the investigator to gather all digital investigation files into a single case project that once complete, can be shared with others. OSCR360’s desktop software is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, but if you ever get stuck, OSCR360 includes a Help Section with instructional videos to guide you completely through the process of syncing, building and exporting your OSCR360 project. 

A: Points of interest (POIs) such as evidence photos, video & audio recordings and documents can be nested in your 360° photos on the left side of the OSCR360 screen, and can be marked exactly where the evidence was discovered. Open these files and any descriptions you’ve added by clicking the circles.

B: The OSCR360 Google® Maps window on the right side of the screen is always oriented with North at the top.

C: Switch between between “Map” and “Satellite” views in the Google® Maps window.

D: House floorplan added as an overlay to the Google® Maps window. This enables you to show precisely where each 360° photo was taken inside of buildings. The blue arrow indicates the direction the viewer of the 360° photo on the left is facing. Note: floorplans must be manually imported into OSCR360 software.

E: Some Google® Maps features such as “Street View” can be used (where available).

F: Points of Interest (POIs) can also be added directly to the Google® Maps window. Like the 360° photos, these appear as red pins. Click the pins to view these along with any added text descriptions.

Examples of Points of Interests

1. Sync your files. 

Once you’ve captured all your 360 photos at the crime scene along with GPS positioning and true north data, you’ll need to sync them with your OSCR360 desktop software for building your case. Syncing your projects from your OSCR360 Capture Tablet to your PC using Wi-Fi connectivity or included USB-C cable is fast and simple.       


2. Use your OSCR360 software.

When syncing is complete, the GPS data captured with the sensor tube will automatically place pins on the Google® Maps window on the right side of the screen to indicate where your OSCR360 photos were taken. Add crime scene sketches or floorplans as overlays to the Google® Maps window to illustrate precisely where your OSCR360 photos were taken inside buildings. You’ll be able to add and separately view multiple overlays for buildings with more than one floor. 

The left side of the screen displays your OSCR360 spherical panoramic photos that can be zoomed in, and rotated 360 degrees left-to-right, and up-and-down. You can add all your evidence photos, and body camera video files, recorded at the scene or later at the lab, exactly where the evidence was found at the crime scene. Further build your case by adding all your related documents such as police reports, witness and suspect statements, crime lab test results, and search & arrest warrants—everything needed to build your case and support your conclusions.     


3. Export your projects.

Once your investigation is complete and your OSCR360 project is built, you can export your project to a single read-only file. With the OSCR360 free viewer, you can share this exported file with other investigators and prosecutors for court presentations. These OSCR360 presentations are a powerful tool that provide District Attorneys with a compelling and immersive experience that put jurors at the crime scene.   

The Capture Kit for Every Scene.

OSCR360 Capture Kit Contents:

1-    USB Drive w/OSCR360 PC Software

1-    Rugged Samsung® Tablet w/Capture App

1-    Ricoh 360° 23MP Spherical Camera

1-    GPS Sensor Tube

1-    USB Wall Charger w/3 USB cables

1-    Aluminum Tripod w/carry bag

1-    Set of Quick Start Guide Cards

1-    Black Nylon Kit Carry Bag

Environmental Specs for Capture Kit:

  • Operating Temperature: 0° - 104° F
  • Operating Humidity: 0 - 90%
  • Storage Temperature: -4° - 140° F

Minimum PC Requirements for OSCR360 Software:

  • 32/64-bit Windows® 10 or Higher
  • Intel® Core™ Series Processor or equivalent
  • 4GB RAM (8GB reccomended)
  • OSCR360 Software and Project Data are stored on workstation

OSCR360 Capture Kit Component Specs:

360° Camera GPS Sensor Tube Tablet Wall Charger


  • Ricoh 23 Megapixel Spherical Camera with automatic stitching
  • HDR Capability
  • ISO: 80-6400
  • Aperature: f/2.1, f/3.5, f/5.6
  • Shutter Speed: 1/25,000 to 60 sec.
  • Battery Life: 300 photos/charge
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Connectivity: point-to-point Wi-Fi (2.4 & 5.0 GHz)


  • Standard GPS position accuracy
  • Aquisition Time: 45-90 sec.
  • Compass Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees
  • Tilt/Roll Accuracy: +/- 2 degrees
  • Battery Life: 4-week standby time
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, low-energy




  • Rugged 8” Samsung® Galaxy Tab Active3
  • Battery Life: Up to 11 hours/charge
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Memory: 1.8 GB 
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB-C




  • 5-Port USB
  • Power: 110V AC
  • Comes with 3 each woven USB-C cables







Let us help make your job easier with OSCR360.

For more information or to schedule an online demo, contact Ethan Roby at 800.356.7311 or eroby@sirchie.com.

Need technical assistance? A 24-hour support line is available for your convenience.

Not for Sale outside the US.

Download the brochure here.

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