NARKsafe PPE Kit

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Make sure you and your team are protected when handling any substance. The NARKsafe PPE Kit was designed to meet all DEA, CDC and pharmaceutical company guidelines in the safe handling, transporting and testing of illicit substances like fentanyl, heroin, carfentanil and other powerful optioid-based substances. Our kits are the gold standard in protection. Competitor products do not offer fully sealed goggles or a P100 mask with 100% filtration of harmful substances, as recommended by both the CDC and all pharmaceutical companies.

The dangers law enforcement, first responders, correctional officers and others in the public protection field are exposed to when handling narcotics is significant. Fentanyl and other illicit drugs can be absorbed through the skin or eyes, inhaled or swallowed, putting anyone who has contact with the drugs at greater risk of an accidental overdose. The DEA, CDC and pharmaceutical companies all recommend that public safety officers wear extensive personal protection equipment (PPE) as soon as they suspect fentanyl or fentanyl-related substances.

The Sirchie PPE Kit was developed for one-time / single use to be used specifically around fentanyl, carfentanil and other powerful opioid-based substances. Use this kit to be protected while you handle, transport and test illicit substances.


No. NARK300PPE Kit Contains:

1- coveralls

1- P-100 respirator mask

1-  black nitrile gloves, pair

1- blue, long cuff nitrile gloves, pair

1- boot covers, pair

1- fully-sealed goggles

2- Fentanyl Warning Labels

1- Polyester Evidence Integrity bag

1- Plastic zip-top evidence bag

1- Yellow hazardous material bag

1- donning/doffing instruction card for properly using personal protection gear

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