ZIP-MIX Plaster Casting


Eliminate the mess and difficulty of mixing plaster—use ZIP-MIX™ Plaster Casting. Casting plaster must be mixed uniformly and all lumps eliminated. ZIP-MIX™ plaster ensures a uniform, smooth mixture every time. Simply combine water and plaster in the zip-top bag and knead with both hands until no lumps are felt. The ZIP-MIX™ set includes a pre-measured amount of plaster and water—enough to cast a full-sized adult footprint. Everything needed is in one convenient package.

1 - ZMP101 Bottle of Pre-Treated Water, 16 oz.
1 - ZMP102 Package of Plaster, 2 lbs
1 - ZTE031 ZIP-MIX Mixing Bag, 13" x 18"

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