Wound Map Marker Kit, 8 Markers, 10 ea


Wound Mapping Markers are a simple, but highly effective method to establish the size, placement, orientation, and identification of wounds. All markers use non-invasive adhesive that is skin friendly.

 Wound Mapping Markers help you to:

  • Treat your victim humanely while gathering photo evidence quickly and efficiently so you can capture all wounds in one photo, track wounds for review, and photograph from a distance
  • Document and track wound information across all systems through assignment of numbers to help create a wound map
  • Keep your photos organized and establish facts for orientation and size of wound

Binder Contents:

10 sheets of each of the following:

  • Circular Wound Guides
  • Ellipse Wound Guides
  • Wound Guide Circles 1-9 sq. cms
  • Wound Guide Rulers
  • Wound Guide Stick Figures
  • Wound Guide Map Markers 1-14
  • Wound Guide Map Markers 1-50
  • Wound Guide Map Markers 51-100
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