Urine Specimen Collection Kit


This urine collection kit contains everything you need for collecting specimens for alcohol and drug testing for a variety of situations including DWI, pre-employment, and rountine drug testing. The included wide mouth specimen jar eliminates the need for specimen transfer from cup to jar in the case of female subjects, and also features a temperature strip, and screw top cap. Chain of custody and integrity are completely maintained through the use of included forms and seals.


  • DWI specimen collections
  • Pre-employment and routine drug testing



  • Wide mouth jar allows for the use of drug panel test strips


Kit Contents:

1- Cardboard container (5.5" x 4.25" x 2.75")

1- Wide mouth 90ml jar with screw cap and temperature strip

1- Zip-top plastic bag with biohazard label affixed and containing liquid absorbing sheet

1- Urine specimen label

1- Chain of custody card

1- Security seal

1- Kit shipping seal

1- Complete specimen collection instructions

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