Universal Evidence Photo Stand w/Metric Scales

"SIRCHIE®'s Universal Photo Evidence Stand is an excellent alternative to traditional cumbersome camera tripods. The Photo Stand eliminates the problem of tripod legs showing up in evidential photographs. It features full-length English (No. UPS100) or Metric (No. UPS100M) photo scales on all four sides.
The outer frame is constructed of sturdy steel with a matte black wrinkle coat finish, and the adjustable photo scale mounts are polished steel. The unit also features a telescoping professional-duty camera mount. The Universal Photo Evidence Stand is sturdy enough to support most digital and analog cameras up to 2.5 lbs (camera not included). The unit can be assembled and disassembled in seconds for easy storage and transport.
The Evidence Scales are printed on magnetic strips for easy replacement. The front and back scales are mounted on sliding scale mounts for easy adjustment to cover the evidence being photographed.

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