TexturLift Mikrosil Kit


NO. DSP100 TEXTURLIFT™ KIT Developing latent prints on textured surfaces is usually not a difficult task, but lifting those prints is. The TexturLift™ Kit provides a simple-to-use method that permits lifting prints from difficult surfaces such as computers and associated peripherals, automobile dashes and interior side panels, leather goods, luggage, etc. The kit also simplifies lifting prints left in soft material such as wet paint, putty around windows, clay, etc. The TexturLift™ Kit consists of a tube of silicone paste with catalyst (Mikrosil™ No. MCM100W), mixing materials, a combination fingerprint powder (No. SB201L) usable on virtually any surface, and a PRINTMATIC™ Ink Pad (No.PFP602).


1- SB201L Silver/Black Latent Print Powder

1- 122L1 Fiberglas Brush

1- MCM100W Mikrosil™ (white putty), 7 oz.

1- MCM100CA Mikrosil™ Catalyst


1- LB002 Gloss White Backing Card Pad (50 sheets), 2 1/4" x 4"

5- Wooden Applicator Sticks

5-White Plastic Mixing Surface Cards

1- DSP100C Black Molded Copolymer Carrying Case with Folding Handle & Locking Latches, 12.7" x 8.9" x 4.75"

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