Adjustable hip and thigh protection, incorporated duty belt

Adjustable hip and thigh protection, incorporated duty belt

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Sold to Law Enforcement Only!

With our revolutionary adjustable design, you can now outfit and protect your entire team without the worry and hassle of sizing each individual for hip and thigh protection. Designed with input from tactical officers for every officer, our TacCommander™ chest pad gives you the protection you need combined with the flexibility to maneuver easily.


  • Overall Design Provides Protection While Allowing Athletic Movements
  • Two Piece Thigh Shell for Additional Lower Body Flexibility
  • Adjustable Connectors between Pads for Maximum Range of Motion
  • D-Loops for All Velcro for Quick, Easy, and Secure Connections
  • Shelves & Notches on Thigh Plates to Rest Riot Shield On & Remain Protected
  • Use the Incorporated Duty Belt (or Your Existing Duty Belt) for Easy Access to All Your Gear
  • Integrated Loops at Waistline to Hold Restraints or Gas Mask Bag

Available in Universal size only!

Height: 5' to 6' 6"

Waist Size: 32" to 48"


For sale to law enforcement only!