SirchTrak Green Dental Stone Casting Material 50 lbs


SirchTrak Green dental stone casting material.  This is our 50 lb bulk green hard-core dental stone package.  

Liquid is available separately.  Measure out the right amount of dental stone material and add the appropriate ratio of liquid, mix it up to a consistency of pancake batter, and you are ready to create a cast of footwear or other impression evidence.

This dental stone casting material is proven to be the most efficient and practical method for casting tire and footprint impressions. Its superior strength eliminates the need for reinforcement. Typical casts are 1/2" to 3/4" thick (compared with several inches thick using plaster), and offer some amazing properties.


  • Reasonable set up time with only minor exothermic reaction
  • Exceptional outward hardness
  • Exceptional compressive strength
Expansion  0.09%
PSI  18,000

Product Restrictions

  • HAZMAT Shipping Charge
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