Shake-N-Cast Blue Hardcore Dental Stone Impression Kit


This incredibly simple to use footwear casting and impression evidence casting kit eliminates all the mess and guesswork inherent with most other casting methods. Shake-N-Cast™ Blue Hardcore Dental Stone Kit contains 40oz. (1133.98g) of Hardcore Dental Stone casting material with blue dye packaged with an internal premeasured water capsule.  This ratio of material and water is the perfect amount to ensure consistency and strength for your footwear casts.

Due to its exceptional strength, Shake-N-Cast™ is the preferred choice of crime scene specialists and crime laboratory personnel. Typical casts are about 0.5” to 0.75” (13mm to 19mm) thick. No reinforcement is needed. Each kit is sufficient for casting a full-sized adult shoe print.  Sold 1 unit each for SNC42B.

This proprietary packaging and process gives you the correct consistency every time!

Why buy Shake-n-Cast Blue Hardcore Dental Stone Kits:

  • Each unit is a complete impression or footwear casting kit.  No need for extra tools
  • Minimize the mess that is typically involved with making castings  of impression evidence and footwear
  • Eliminate the guess work, need for measuring, and need for mixing bowls
  • Incredibly easy and simple to use
  • Produces superior results
  • Included blue dye gives an extra level of ease to ensure that your material is completely mixed.  When the whole mixture is blue with the consistency of pancake batter, you are ready to go.
Expansion Rate 0.12%
PSI 8,500

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