Rugged All-Weather Evidence Collection Kit


This kit is designed for the investigator to complete a full evidence collection mission in all types of weather. Originally designed with input from the shipping industry to help combat maritime piracy, the MTEC100 kit contains tools and a digital camera that will function in rain, snow, and scenes involving water. All items are housed in a rugged backpack to give the investigator a comprehensive kit allows for maximum efficiency wherever needed in all weather conditions.

MTEC100 Kit Contents:

3- 134LW White, 2” x 2” Hinge Lifters, 24 pack

3- 134LB Black, 2” x 2” Hinge Lifters, 24 pack

2- SMB9 Silver / Black magnetic Latent Powder, 1 oz. (30ml) jar

1- LL603 GREENCharge™ Fluorescent Magnetic Powder, 1 oz. (30ml) jar

1- 125MD MEGAWAND Magnetic Powder Applicator

2- 123LB Black Marabou Feather Dusters

1- SPR1001 Dark SPR w/ spray head, 500 ml

1- SPR400UV1 Fluorescent SPR w/ spray head, 500 ml

50- EB002P1 Preprinted evidence bags, 8” x 5” x 18”

1- IEB9120 Integrity Evidence Bag, 9 x 12, 100 ea.

1- Medium Point Sharpie® Marker

1- TDTUV100 Invisible UV marker pen

1- White 1-Watt LED Forensic Light, black anodized aluminum

1- UV 395nm 1-Watt LED Forensic Light, black anodized aluminum

1- Blue 455nm 1-Watt LED Forensic Light, black anodized aluminum

1- TMXFT1 Tactical MAX Flexible Mini Tripod

1- Diffuser

1- BMS300 Orange Barrier Filter Goggles

1- 5.11 Black Nylon Case

1- FSWAB50 Fab-Swab, pack of 50

10- SF0073 Disposable shoe covers, pair

1- DES1G Desiccant packs, 1 gm., 100 ea.

1- SM100A1C Red “Police Seal” Evidence Shorts 1x3, pack of 100

2- PPS502 Adhesive Photo Scale, pack of 50

1- PPS400 Vinyl Photo Evidence Scale, White, pack of 10

1- PPS800 Forensic Scale, Black on White, 105mm x 105mm

1- SK800 Steel tape measure, 50 ft. (30m)

1- PNBS100 Small numbers booklet, 25 sheets (1-15 plus arrow)

1- PEN15VS Short plastic Photo numbers (1-15 set)

1- Camera, Olympus TG-6 Digital Camera with 32GB SD Card

1- 379M Attached case magnifier

1- RRNBK All-Weather Notebook, 81/2” x 11

1- TLK600B 5.11. RUSH 24 Backpack, Black Nylon

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