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Ridge Pro 3X Fingerprint Magnifier


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The Ridge PRO Fingerprint Magnifier is our premium offering in our magnifier line. Features include a 3x magnification, 2” wide lens that is essentially distortion free, and a wide base design that offers a large unobstructed field of view. The magnifier is crafted from cutting-edge materials making this unit lightweight even for its size, but rugged and strong enough to not be damaged easily. Designed with the user in mind, this rugged unit offers a textured rubber barrel for easy maneuvering and a soft rubber guard to protect the eye and face. This magnifier delivers the best user experience of any magnifier available.


• Two Element Optic (50mm dia.)

•  Field of View: 2.36” (60mm)

Construction: Acetal plastic body, aluminum, and rubber


• High quality, minimal distortion, precision ground glass lenses

• Fixed focal distance

• 3X magnification

• Large field of view

• Light weight, rugged construction

• Port for pen-light usage

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