Remote Live Scan Criminal Booking Systems


Expedite Criminal Booking by Processing Suspects from any Location with Sirchie's Remote Live Scan Booking Systems

Sirchie provides Remote Live Scan Systems that allow for the complete Criminal Booking of suspects utilizing totally secure, wireless uploading of booking information including fingerprint records and all biometrics to your Records Management System (RMS) from any location. Sirchie can install a Remote Live Scan System in your existing Alcohol Enforcement or Mobile Command vehicle, or we can build a complete turnkey Vehicle from the ground up equipped with Live Scan and Criminal Booking capability.

Remote Live Scan System Features:

  • Secure, wireless uploading to your RMS from any location
  • Advanced arrest code search functionality
  • Auto advance feature for acceleration of the booking process
  • Instant NIST rating of fingerprint scans

What Can Sirchie’s Live Scan Solution Do For You?

Advanced Arrest Code Search Functionality:
Easily search the database by description, uniform crime reporting, general statute and more with our software’s advanced search functionality.

Auto Advanced Feature:
Accelerate your recording process via our automatic acceptance tool once print quality equals or exceeds the “GOOD” rating.

Enhanced Print Quality Based on NIST Rating:
Immediately know the NIST rating of print quality during the scanning process instead of being notified weeks after submission of traditional ink prints. If the NIST score is “FAIR” or lower, users can easily recapture higher quality digital prints.

Example of a typical Remote Live Scan Booking System installed in a B.A.T. vehicle with Palm Scanner, Laptop and Signature Pad

Why Choose us?

  • Unparalleled Customer Service
  • Affordable Maintenance & Support Options
  • Convenient Onsite or Online Training
  • Mobility for Better Accessibility

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