Regular Visible Stain Detection Kit


This kit is a step up from the mini visible stain detection kit, offering an increase in both visible powder and paste selections. A wider choice of target objects may be selected with the increased natural color selection. Note: Visible Stain Detection Products cannot be removed from porous surfaces. Non-porous materials may usually be restored or cleaned as required.


1 - VS301 Green Visible Stain Powder, 2 oz

1 - VS304 Silver Visible Stain Powder, 2 oz

1 - VST309 Brown Visible Stain Paste, 2 oz

1 - VST310 Green Visible Stain Paste, 2 oz

2 - 118L Regular Powder Brushes

10 - KCP210 Cotton Swabs

1 - VS2001 Copolymer Carrying Case

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