PrintMatic Porelon Ink Roller


The PrintMatic pre-inked roller successfully combines the advantages of the Porelon Pad and the ink slab and roller methods of fingerprint taking. Those advantages include the excellent clarity obtainable with a properly executed slab and roller print, and the ease and speed associated with the Porelon Pad method. Because the PrintMatic's ink reservoir is in the roller, cleanup is much easier - not much ink's left on the slab after the fingerprints are rolled.

Porelon is microporous plastic that acts both as an ink reservoir and an ink delivery system. Ink is held in thousands of interconnected pores within the roller. Larger interior pores provide high ink capacity and permit the use of highly pigmented inks for high-contrast impressions. Ink is gradually and evenly delivered to the surface through a particularly fine-pored outer layer by capillary action.

The PIP100’s hinged metal enclosure is designed to prevent environmental contamination and protect the roller surface between uses. A comfortable thermoset plastic handle allows for optimum roller control.

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