PRINTMATIC Outfit with Single Cardholder


SIRCHIE®'s Pedestal PRINTMATIC™ Fingerprint Units feature the revolutionary PRINTMATIC™ pre-inked Porelon® ink roller. The PRINTMATIC™'s unique design ensures outstanding results—even from inexperienced fingerprint technicians. That’s because the PRINTMATIC™ will automatically roll a thin, uniform layer of ink on the ink slab. These units also feature a 4" x 10" glass ink slab and are supplied with 100 super ink cleaner towelettes. Store these and other supplies in the unit’s built-in shelf. Available with one or two cardholder(s), these units are built to last.

FPT400SPIP Contents:

  • 1 - FPT205 4" x 10" Glass Inking Slab, Mounted
  • 1 - FPT900A Sirch Kleen Ink Remover Pads, 100 ea.
  • 1 - FPT263 Injection-Molded Fingerprint Cardholder
  • 1 - PIP100 PrintMatic Porelon Ink Roller System


  • Cabinet Finish: Vinyl-clad, platinum (gray)and epoxy-painted, black
  • Cabinet Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Pedestal: Epoxy-painted steel, black-wrinkle finish


  • Net Weight: 28.8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 24 3/4" x 11 1/8" x 40 1/2"

Product Restrictions

  • Export Restriction
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