PRINTMATIC Outfit w/single cardholder


These fingerprint taking outfits feature SIRCHIE®'s superb PRINTMATIC™ preinked roller system. Outfits are supplied with a PRINTMATIC™ roller system, a glass inking slab, and one fingerprint record cardholder. Integral mounting brackets on each outfit allow for easy mounting to a desk or tabletop. The PRINTMATIC™ ink roller is supplied in a rugged metal housing designed to protect the roller and prevent environmental contamination. Each outfit features our No. FPT263 injection molded cardholder(s). 


1- FPT205 4” x 10” Glass Inking Slab

1- FPT263 Injection Molded Fingerprint Cardholder

1- PIP100 PrintMatic™ Porelon® Fingerprint Ink Roller System

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