Portable Police Laboratory


The most complete investigation unit in the world. Truly portable and versatile, this kit contains the largest selection of investigative aids available today. The reagents provided for testing blood, semen, narcotics and firearms residues are non-destructive contact methods and will not interfere with subsequent, formal laboratory analysis. The tests, when performed in the field, will enable the investigator to search, screen and identify physical evidence. All testing is performed through the utilization of pre-measured, disposable, non-contaminating ampoules, eliminating the possible contamination or misuse of the reagents.


1-101L1 Hi-Fi Volcano Latent Print Powder, Silk Black, 1 oz. (39ml

1-103L1 Hi-Fi Volcano Latent Print Powder, Indestructible White, 1 oz. (39ml)

4-118L Regular Powder Brushes

4-122L1 Kit Size Fiberglass Brushes

1-125L Standard Magnetic Powder Applicator

1-130LB Hinge Lifter, Black, 1.5" x 2" (3.8cm x 5.1cm), 24 ea.

1-130LT Hinge Lifter, Transparent, 1.5" x 2" (3.8cm x 5.1cm), 24 ea.

1-130LW Hinge Lifter, White, 1.5" x 2" (3.8cm x 5.1cm), 24 ea.

1-131LT Hinge Lifter, Transparent, 2" x 4" (5.1cm x 10.2cm), 12 ea.

1-131LT4 Hinge Lifter, Transparent, 4" x 4" (10.2cm x 10.2cm), 12 ea.

1-144L Fingerprint Lifting Tape, Transparent, 1.5" x 360" (3.8cm x 9m)

1-145L Fingerprint Lifting Tape, Frosted, 1.5" x 360" (3.8cm x 9m)

1-146L Lifting Tape Dispenser, 1.5"W (3.8cm)

1-202C Ninhydrin Spray, 6 oz. (177ml) aerosol

1-203CS2 Ninhydrin Fixative, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-214C2 Iodine Print Fixative, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-215CS2 Iodine Print Fixative Remover, 2 oz. (59ml)

12-288DP Disposable Pipettes w/Capillary and 3ml Bulb

4-288L1 Luminol Ampoule Reagents

4-288L2 Luminol Ampoule Reagents

4-288LM1 Leucomalachite Ampoule 1

4-288LM2 Leucomalachite Ampoule 2

4-288PX1 PX1 Reagent Ampoules, Phenolphthalein

4-288PX2 PX2 Reagent Ampoules, Phenolphthalein

1-317P 3" Magnifier

1-600E Photo Evidence Rule Tape, 1/2" x 30 ft. (1.3cm x 9m)

1-VS301 Visible Stain Powder, Green/Purple, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-VS302 Visible Stain Powder, Mahogany/Blue, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-603E Evidence Identification Tape, 1" x 500" (2.5cm x 13m)

20-621E1 Heat Seal Evidence Bags, 4" x 10" (10.2cm x 25.4cm)

10-622E1 Heat Seal Evidence Bags, 9" x 12" (22.9 cm x 30.5cm)

1-UV700 UV Ink Marking Pen

1-UV201 Fluorescent Invisible Detection Powder, Green/Green, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-UV202 Fluorescent Invisible Detection Powder, White/Blue, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-UVT208 Fluorescent Invisible Detection Paste, Neutral/Green, 1 oz. (30ml)

1-UV739 Invisible Fluorescent Crayon, Green/Green

1-CUV100T UV Mini Light Source (longwave), 4-watt

1-A211C Iodine Crystal Ampoules, 6 ea.

2-ACN2 Acid Neutralizer, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-AMP2066 Iodette Ampoules, 3g, 6 ea.

15-LPB1001 Lifted Print Backing/Sketch/Record Card, Black 3" x 5" (7.6cm x 12.7cm)

15-LPW1001 Lifted Print Backing/Sketch/Record Card, White 3" x 5" (7.6cm x 12.7cm)

4-DF201 Fumette Disposable Iodine Fuming Guns

2-DISW2 Deionized Water, 2 oz. (59ml)

25-EIL011 Evidence Identification Labels, ”Crime Evidence"

25-FC3301 Criminal Record Cards, Standard, 8" x 8" (20.3cm x 20.3cm)

10-FC345L1 Postmortem Record Strips, Left Hand, Standard

10-FC345R1 Postmortem Record Strips, Right Hand, Standard

20-FPT1C1 Super Cleaner Towelettes

1-FPT263 Multi-Mount Injection Molded Cardholder

1-PFP700 PRINTMATIC™ Flawless Fingerprint Pad

1-FPT270A Elimination Pad, 50-Sheet

1-GL000 Carbide Tip Scriber

1-GL002 Retractable Lifter Knife w/Blade

1-GL004 Retractable Ridge Counter

1-GRA200 Primer Residue Collection Kit

1-KCP110 Scissors, 5" (12.7cm)

1-KCP139 Tweezers, Plastic, 4.75" (12.1cm)

1-KCP144 China Marker, Black

1-KCP145 China Marker, White

2-KCP148 Syringes, 3cc Disposable

8-KCP154 Pipettes, with Suction Bulb

5-KCP163 Emory Papers, 2" x 3" (5.1cm x 7.6cm)

6-KCP165 Stirring Rods, Glass, 5" (12.7cm)

1-KCP168 File, Bastard

10-KCP209 Stirrers, Wood

10-KCP210 Swabs

15-KCP217 Cotton Balls

25-KCP227 Filter Papers, 1" x 2" (2.5cm x 5.1cm)

1-KCP228A Jar, Glass, with Closure, 4 oz. (118ml), Labeled Mobile Phase…

1-KCP228B Jar, Glass, with Closure, 4 oz. (118ml), Labeled Color Developing…

3-KCP229 Masks, Surgical

4-KCP230 AA-Cell Batteries, Alkaline

1-KRL1012 Silver Nitrate Developer, 2 oz. (30ml)

1-KRL1052 Finger Tissue Cleaner, 2 oz. (30ml)

1-KRL1062 Tissue Builder Solvent, 2 oz. (30ml)

15- LPW1001 White Backing Cards, 3" x 5"

15- LPB1001 Black Backing Cards, 3" x 5"

1-M115L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, Midnight Black

1-M116L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, White

1-M117L Magnetic Latent Print Powder, Gray

1-MZ010B Extract Reagent #1, 1 oz. (30ml)

2-MZ020A Thin Layer Chromatography of Marijuana, Replacement Kits

1-NAR10002 Marquis Reagent, 10 pk.

1-NAR10004 Cobalt Thiocyanate Reagent, 10 pk.

1-NAR10005 Dille-Koppanyi Reagent, 10 pk.

1-NAR10007 Erlich’s Reagent, 10 pk.

1-NAR10008 Duquenois, 10 pk.

3-NIS RESTOR-A-GEL® for Steel, 1/8 oz. (4ml)

1-PFHB12 Classification Disc, Henry/Battley, for M1 and M2 Magnifier

1-PFP200 Fingerprint Magnifier, Model M2

1-PM283 Porelon® Postmortem Inking Tool

1-PMFS500 Postmortem Finger Straighteners

1-PMNS60 Postmortem Record Strip Holders

1-RAG1001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Steel, 1 oz. (30ml)

1-RAG2001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Aluminum, 1 oz. (30ml)

1-RAG3001 RESTOR-A-GEL® for Copper, 1 oz. (30ml)

1-RAG5003 Metal Surfacing Solution, 2 oz. (59ml)

1-RAG5004 Aluminum Surfacing Solution, 2 oz. (59ml)

4-SF298S1 S1 Ampoule Reagents, 5ml

4-SF298S2 S2 Ampoule Reagents, 2ml

4-SF298S3 S3 Ampoule Reagents, 1ml

1-SG202L1 Hi-Fi Latent Print Powder, Silver/Gray, 1 oz. (30ml)

2-SPU1 Spray Power Units, w/Tubes

1-SR301L1 Hi-Fi Latent Print Powder, Silver, Red, 1 oz. (30ml)

2-TMDT01 Trace Metal Reagents, 1 oz. (30ml)

6-ZTE021 Iodette Fuming Bags, 9" x 12" (22.9cm x 30.5cm)

1-1000M1 High-Impact, Copolymer Carrying Case w/Handle; Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 23" (45.7cm x 33cm x 58.4cm);Weight: 33.5 lbs. (15.2kg)

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