megaMAXX Assistant for 3-watt lights

Think of the megaMAXX™ Assistant as that third hand you need so often when examining physical evidence. This lightweight- but-sturdy device frees up both hands while you position and shoot close-ups of your latent print lifts and many other objects. Using megaMAXX™ technology and SIRCHIE® ingenuity,the Assistant provides a sturdy platform for an oversized four-inch diameter, 2.5X magnifying lens. A built-in slot permits insertion of any of the three supplied acrylic barrier filters: Yellow, Orange and Red. The body of the Assistant is fashioned from 1/4 inch acrylic stock and a socket that accepts any of the seven (7) megaMAXX™ visible lights is machined from a solid block of Delrin® plastic. The press-in socket has a built-in light diffuser that provides a soft, uniform beam of light—especially helpful for photography. (Note: megaMAXX™ lights sold separately)
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