Master Field and Lab Blood Test Kit


This kit contains all the necessary equipment for blood testing in any field investigation situation. It has the advantage that all the reagents are furnished in pre-measured quantities in the solid state and sealed in glass ampoules. This method of packaging permits the mixing of reagents in the field without measuring to give optimum concentration and sensitivity. All the necessary support equipment is included. The kit and accessory equipment are also suitable for laboratory use. Through the use of this kit, the field investigator can presumptively identify the presence or absence of blood.

MBT288 Comes complete with:

18 - 288DP Pipettes, Disposable with Capillary and 3ml Bulb

2 - 288FP Contact Filter Papers, 1" x 2"

6 - 288L1 Luminol Ampoule Reagents, 1ml

6 - 288L2 Luminol Ampoule Reagents, 2ml

6 - 288LM1 Leucomalachite Ampoule Reagents, 1ml

6 - 288LM2 Leucomalachite Ampoule Reagents, 2ml

6 - 288PX1 PX1 Reagent Ampoules, Phenolphthalein, 1ml

6 - 288PX2 PX2 Reagent Ampoules, Phenolphthalein, 2ml

2 - DISW2 Bottles of Distilled Water, 2 oz.

2 - KCP122 Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA, 7ml 1 - KCP213 Jar, Flint Glass with Cap, 1.2 oz.

15 - KCP217 Cotton Balls

1 - MBT288C Black, Molded Copolymer Carrying Case with Folding Handle and Custom Insert, 12.7" x 9" x 4.75"

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