Latent Print Dusting Station

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SIRCHIE introduces the latest forensic containment solution to protect the officer during latent print processing using latent fingerprint powders. The DS100A and DS200A provide superior protection while dusting items of evidence with a variety of latent print powder. Even laminar flow air pulls potential toxic particulate away from the officer's breathing zone and into a multi-level filtration zone.

The DS100A and DS200A are constructed from clear polycarbonate to allow excellent lighting conditions for observation by officers. Access into the latent print dusting station is easily obtained using the multiple folding sash doors. The sash doors provide a barrier between the process and the operator for added protection from smaller and lighter particulate.

The DS100A (32") comes complete with prefilter (No. ACFPRE) and HEPA filter (No. ACFHEPA).

The DS200A (48") comes complete with prefilter (No.ACFPRE4) and HEPA filter (No. ACFHEPA18). Unit requires 2 of each for operation.

External Fluorescent Light Kit (No. ACALGFL) is optional with DS100A (32") and must be ordered with the unit for factory installation. This External Light Kit is included with the DS200A (48") unit.



  • AirSafe Automatic Safety Controller for constant airflow and filter monitoring
  • Clean 360 degree visiblity
  • No duct work required
  • Extremely quiet operation <49dB
  • UL Listed, 110V AC or 220V AC

Unit Dimensions:

DS100A Width Depth Height
External 32" 25" 30"
Internal 31" 23" 20"
DS200A Width Depth Height
External 48" 25" 30"
Internal 47" 23" 20"


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