Kit Size Fiberglass Brush with Anodized Aluminum Handle


Unquestionably the finest brushes available for developing latent fingerprints. Thousands of specially selected fiberglass filaments form a cloud-like, soft cluster that retains powder and eliminates the constant powder replenishment required by conventional brushes. Produced on a perfectly balanced, black anodized aluminum handle. Kit Size handle of 2 3/4". Comes complete with a protective container with cap.



  • Bristles: Fiberglass filament cluster, 2 1/4"L (5.7cm) long 
  • Brush handle: Black anodized knurled aluminum, 1/4" dia. x 2 3/4"L (.635cm x 7cm) 
  • Storage container: Clear plastic w/cap. 7/8" dia. x 6"L (2.22 x 15.24cm) 
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