FX8B220 Optical Comparator

Forensic Optical Comparator 220V

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The FX8B is designed exclusively for operator convenience and performance. The FX8B features two projectors for a full-screen, side-by-side display of two images—without image overlap. Latent fingerprints may be compared with recorded prints; suspected counterfeit money may be compared with legal tender; and questioned documents and signatures may be compared with genuine articles. Two quartz halogen projection lamps are controlled by individual front-panel switches for dual or single unit usage. Optics carried by the turret automatically provide appropriate surface illumination. Each lamp compartment is monitored by a thermal switch which allows the silent-run fan to continue to operate even after shut off. A matched pair of color-corrected, side-by-side f/3.5 objective lenses provide 6.5X and 10X magnification. Control knobs raise and lower the unit’s two stainless steel surface platforms for image focusing.


  • Dual Projection Screens
  • Quartz Halogen Projection Lamps
  • Fine-Focus Platforms
  • Matched f/3.5 Objective Lenses (6.5X and 10X)
  • Sliding Turret with Pre-Focused Illumination
  • 4" (10.2cm) Internal Cooling Fan
  • Viewing Screen 6.5" x 15" (16.5cm x 38.1cm)
  • Sliding Ambient Light Shield
  • Dimensions: 20.5" x 18" x 20.25" (52.1cm x 45.7cm x 51.4cm)
  • Weight: 48 lbs (21.8kg)