CYANOVAC I Laboratory Fuming Chamber Outfit

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Now it’s possible to glue-fume large and unwieldy items such as wrinkled plastic bags and the like. In the past, cyanoacrylate-chamber-fuming necessitated that such items be completely unfolded to a flat state. Even then, over and under fuming was a very real possibility. Some portions might have been over-fumed while other portions might not have been fumed adequately. Latent fingerprints fumed within a vacuum have been found to collect glue deposits on the fingerprint ridge structures in a far more even manner than non-vacuum-fumed items. Over-fuming is, for the most part, a thing of the past. In addition, in a vacuum, the glue is distributed far more evenly throughout the chamber. Because of this, the fumes readily travel around corners and in and out of recesses of the item(s) being processed. In other words, it is possible to achieve well-distributed fingerprint development throughout the inside of a vacuum chamber. The SIRCHIE® No. VAC150 is a state-of-the-art vacuum chamber designed and built specifically for the fuming of crime scene objects of various shapes and sizes. The chamber interior is a generous 16" long with a 10" diameter. The heavy, 0.365" aluminum walls ensure structural integrity while being used. It features a heavy-duty, diaphragm-type pump controlled by a precision vacuum switch. The operation and use of the VAC150 is both straightforward and simple. The clear polycarbonate lid allows visual monitoring of the fuming process.