Fluorescent Invisible Tagging Kit

Fluorescent Invisible Tagging Kit

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This kit is used primarily to tag and identify objects for tracking purposes. Components permit the marking of all types of materials, such as paper, metal, cloth and plastic. Multiple, invisible tagging is possible with liquids and crayons. A battery-operated, longwave (UV) light is included for field portability.


1 - CUV100T Longwave UV Mini Light Source

4 - KCP230 AA-Cell Batteries, Alkaline

2 - 118L Regular Powder Brushes

1 - UV7311 Invisible Metal Marking Ink, 1 oz.

1 - UV7321 Invisible Coin Lacquer, 1 oz.

1 - UV739 Green Invisible Fluorescent Crayon

1 - UV700 Fluorescent Invisible Marking Pen

1 - UV2001 Molded, Plastic Carrying Case with Inserts, 12.125" x 7.25" x 4.5"