Many photographic assignments require the use of a rigid camera support but most photo-type tripods are simply too big and bulky to be useful. But our new FlexOpod was designed specifically for just those types of difficult, close-up situations that require a steady, sturdy mount to support the camera.

The FlexOpodTM is a compact, simple-to-use photographic platform with fully adjustable, vinyl covered, gooseneck legs that accommodate flat and irregular surfaces. It is sturdy enough to support most 35mm, medium format, and digital cameras.

For those situations where highly irregular surfaces such as stairwells are to be photographed, optional leg extenders are available. Simply remove the plastic covered screws from the FLXP100, screw in the leg extenders and install the plastic covered screws into the bottom of the extension legs.

FLXP100 Specifications:

  • Individual Leg Length: 12.875"
  • Overall Length: 16.25"
  • Total Weight: 2.9 lbs
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