Explosives Residue Test Kit

Explosives Residue Test Kit


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This kit provides rapid screening for explosive residue to verify the presence of nitrates. Due to improvements in testing technique, the process is extremely sensitive and ideal for field or lab use. Tests have been performed with debris the size of a grain of salt—while not conclusive for the presence of explosives, it is an effective screening tool for pinpointing “hot” locations.

ERTT10 comes complete with: 

20 - 288DP Disposable Pipettes with Capillary and 3ml Bulb

10 - 290P2 Color Developing Reagent, Ampoules, 2ml

1 - ACN2 Acid Neutralizer, 2 oz

3 - EIL011 Evidence ID Labels

10 - ER1 Extract Reagent 1, Ampoules, 1ml

1 - KCP1391 Plastic Tweezers, 4.75"

1 - KCP140 Spatula, Stainless, Micro

3 - KCP173 Vial, Glass, 1/2 Oz with Closure

10 - KCP174 TLC Plates, Silica Gel 60A, 5cm x 10cm

100 - KCP191 Pipette Microcap 20µl Capillary

15 - KCP217 Cotton Balls

10 - KCP171 Vials, Glass, with Closure, 1/2 Dram

1 - ERTT101 Molded Copolymer Case with Latch, 16.375" x 8.625" x 7"