Primer Residue Collection Kit for SEM and AAA

Primer Residue Collection Kit for SEM and AAA


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Specifically designed for those departments with access to scanning electron microscopy and atomic absorption analysis. The GRA series gunshot residue analysis kits feature special alloy aluminum specimen mounts containing no barium, lead or antimony—the most common constituents in primers. Simply remove the cap with carbon-covered metal stub, apply to the questioned hand area and return the metal stub to its original location in the holder. Specific and sensitive collection for gunshot residue in an economical and uncomplicated kit. Also included in the GRA100 are all the necessary components to collect primer residue for atomic absorption analysis.

GRA100 comes complete with:

1 - GRA101 Gunshot Residue Collection Vial, Right Palm

1 - GRA102 Gunshot Residue Collection Vial, Left Palm

1 - GRA103 Gunshot Residue Collection Vial, Right Back

1 - GRA104 Gunshot Residue Collection Vial, Left Back

1 - GRA106 Zip-Top Bag, 2" x 3", with 12 Cotton-Tipped Applicators, 2.5"

1 - KCP124 Vial, Left Back, Contaminant Free

1 - KCP125 Vial, Right Back, Contaminant Free

1 - KCP126 Vial, Left Palm, Contaminant Free

1 - KCP127 Vial, Right Palm, Contaminant free

1 - KCP128 Vial, Cartridge Case, Contaminant Free

1 - KCP129 Vial, Control, Contaminant Free

1 - Nitrile Powder-Free Gloves, Pair, Ambidextrous

1 - KCP123 Polyethylene Dispenser, 5% Nitric Acid with Controlled Flow Applicator and Molded Protective Cap, 3ml

2 - KCP118 Integrity Seals

1 - GRA100C Carton, 6.5" x 3.25" x 1.25" with Attached Integrity Seals

1 - Instruction Sheet