SIRCH-VUE 2 inch Tamper Indicator Tape

SIRCH-VUE 2 inch Tamper Indicator Tape


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SIRCHIE ’s new SIRCH-VUE™ Tamper Indicator Tape is made of 1.25 mil thick polyester and is red with SIRCH-VUE™ printed in black ink. The tape is pre-wound on a three-inch core and is packaged in 180-ft. long rolls. SIRCH-VUE™ tape can be easily applied to an evidence bag or box using the SVUE1001 Tape Dispenser and is virtually impossible to remove without evidence of tampering. When applied to items, the tape creates a bond that will reveal the word ”OPENED“ upon tampering. Once the hidden message is revealed it is extremely difficult to reassemble without detection. Tape is 2 inches wide on a 3 inch core.