Downdraft Latent Print Dusting Station

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New from Sirchie is the DDS Series of Latent Print Dusting Stations. The DDS Series pulls air away from the operator in two directions. First, air is pulled downward into the stainless steel work surface to remove the heavier particulate found in latent print powder. Additionally, air is pulled horizontally to the rear of the Workstation to capture the light particulate. Dual-zone filtration makes the Downdraft Dusting Station ideal for processing latent fingerprint evidence using powders.

The Dusting Station fits perfectly on any counter top and underneath typical cabinetry. The low profile design can be placed anywhere in the law enforcement setting and is light enough to be carried to the crime scene for on-site processing. The DDS Series operates at a very low noise level and since it recycles the room air, it's extremely inexpensive to operate and maintain.

The DDS Series Downdraft Dusting Station is constructed entirely of thermally-fused polypropylene making it extremely easy to clean. Simply remove the stainless steel tray to gain access to the spill tray for cleaning. The HEPA filter is constantly monitored and a warning light will appear in the work area when filter replacement is necessary. The simple-to-use design provides critical operator protection from potentially harmful powders and particulate associated with latent print processing.

The DDS Series provides unrestricted operator access and makes the Dusting Station perfect for processing both large and small evidentiary items.

The DDS Series Workstations come complete with appropriate HEPA filters:





DDS24 Dimensions

DDS36 Width Depth Height
External 24" 24" 18"
Internal 24" 15" 14"

DDS36 Dimensions

DDS36 Width Depth Height
External 36" 24" 18"
Internal 34" 15" 14"

DDS48 Dimensions

DDS48 Width Depth Height
External 48" 24" 18"
Internal 46" 15" 14"


  • Main Body-Thermally-fused white polypropylene
  • Work Surface-Stainless Steel, removable


  • 110V AC or 220V AC


  • HEPA, 99.997% at 0.3 microns

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