Digital Mobile Seizure Kit


The Mobile Seizure Kit is a comprehensive collection system for wireless devices that allows for proper evidence handlling with full Faraday protection for any wireless transmitting device. Designed for ease of use and to protect the integrity of your evidence, this kit is vital for investigators in the field.


Kit contents:

1- 14" x 19" Sirchie Faraday Bag

1- 12.5" x 10" Sirchie Faraday Bag

3- 7" x 10" Sirchie Faraday Bags

10- 10" x 12" Electrostatic Dissipation Bags

10- 4" x 6" Electrostatic Dissipation Bags

10- IEB1200 12"x15 1/2" Integrity Evidence Bags

10- IEB9120 9"x12" Integrity Evidence Bags

1- Black Nylon Carry Bag

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