Digital Forensic Evidence Examination Station


The Sirchie Forensic Digital Optical Desktop Video Magnifier, Catalog No. FXE350A makes evidence examination a far simpler task than ever before. It facilitates viewing small details with its movable viewing table and fully adjustable magnification—up to 50X. The FXE350A features a wide range of color correction, brightness and contrast on the oversize 24-inch LCD, high-resolution (1680x1050 pixels) viewing screen. In short, the FXE350A opens many new doors for forensic examination of the many forms, shapes and sizes that physical evidence may take. Digital technology affords first generation sharp, clear, high-resolution images regardless of the subject matter. The forward-mounted camera is high above the table, so you have plenty of room to work with three-dimensional objects. This entire unit requires the use of a single 50-60 Hz, 110-120V / 240V AC power receptacle.

The FXE350A is the perfect tool for examining: 

  • Tools and toolmarks
  • Fingerprint/palmprint record cards and latent prints
  • Footprint evidence
  • Trace evidence: hair, fibers, glass fragments, soil, etc.
  • Documents: printed and handwritten
  • And much more

The FXE350A is at home in virtually any size laboratory. It adds a new level of sophistication to the whole process of evidence examination and identification.

FXE350A Features:

  • Auto Focus creates the clearest view without any need to make adjustments.
  • Adjust pre-set video modes for high contrast viewing that is most comfortable for the operator’s individual eyesight.
  • Increase or decrease brightness using camera gain control, regardless of direct or ambient light.
  • Use the Position Locator beam to mark the center of the image for easy evidence placement and recording.
  • 16 magnification levels up to 50X with a crisp, sharp image let you precisely adjust the image to the size you need.
  • Lock the focus onto an object you want to view while repositioning it. The camera stays focused on the object and not your hand.
  • Two LED light banks on either side of the camera provide object illumination, which is diffused to prevent glare and reflections when viewing shiny or reflective objects. LEDs never need replacement: 100,000 hours of operation.
  • The large low-friction work table moves a full 16 inches from left to right for easy examination of large objects.
  • The work table’s braking mechanism lets you lock the table movement down tight when you want it to hold steady.
  • The LCD flat panel display allows you to adjust the height and angle of the screen for the best view and better ergonomics while viewing.
  • The Screen Capture Module and software create high resolution JPEG Photos for transfer via USB connection to a computer.

Physical mark-up

The FXE350 has a magnet bar built into the screen to support acetate sheets (included) so that the print or document examiner can mark items of interest. With the use of a dry erase marker or china marking pencil, the sheets can be written on, erased, and used again. This is an excellent tool when comparing latent prints to rolled prints side by side or examining details of evidence.

Video Capture

With the video capture device and software, what is seen on the FXE350A screen can be captured by any computer with a USB port. JPEG images can be saved for use in presentations, stored as electronic records, or transferred to a photo editing program for sizing and submission to an AFIS. With Video Capture, all of the enhancements available on the FXE350A can be saved and viewed by others.

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