Dactyloscopic 5X Fingerprint Magnifier with Henry Disc

Dactyloscopic 5X Fingerprint Magnifier with Henry Disc

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The dactylographic magnifier device enables the examination of small size objects such as coins or stamps, or fragments of photographs, seals, signatures and handwriting. It can be used with a variety of magnifying discs sold separately. It’s a compact and portable device, the body is constructed of metal and comes with classification disc for objects assessment, as well as a wooden storage stand, which can also be used to store other optional purchased classification discs such as the Battley, Henry-Battley or Miracode Palm, which are sold separately.


  • Forensics departments
  • Court expertise
  • Notary offices

Technical Specifications:

  • 5X Magnification
  • Field of view (diameter), inch — 1.73
  • Diopter adjustment, dptr — ±2
  • Dimensions without stand (length × width × height), inch — 2.7×2.7×2.2
  • Weight, oz — 7.76

Delivery Set:

  • Device comes with wooden stand and Henry classification disc.
  • Battley, Henry-Battley and Miracode Palm classification discs are optional

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