Cyanoacrylate Laboratory Fuming Chamber Kit


The FR100 features a 1.2 cubic-foot volume for handling multiple articles.  The glass enclosure allows for monitoring of the development process.  The 1/4" think clear Plexiglas™ lid, with two built-in evidence support rods and six evidence clips, fits snugly to prevent leaking of fumes into the work area.  The unit has a port compatible with both the PUM100B humidifier and the SCW100 CYANOWAND™.  The FINDER™ packets, a wire mesh fuming platform, OMEGA-PRINT™ dispersal pads and OMEGA-PRINT™ disposable fuming trays are included with this chamber.

FR100 Contents:

1 - CNA103 Cyanoacrylate Fuming Compound, 16 oz. (473 ml)

1 - CNA104 OMEGA-PRINT™ Dispersal Pads, 100 ea

1 - CNA106 OMEGA-PRINT™ Disposable Fuming Trays, 25 ea

1 - CNA110A CYANO-BLOC™ Pre/Post-Treatment Pad

2 - CNA20001 The FINDER™ Cyanoacrylate Packets

1 - FR1001 Chamber with Lid

1 - FR1002 Fuming Platform, Wire Mesh

6 - FR1006 Evidence Clips



  • Net Weight: 13 lbs. (5.88 kgs)
  • Dimensions: 20 1/4" x 14" x 10 1/2" (51.4 cm x 35.6 cm x 26.7 cm)
  • Chamber volume: 10 gallons (37.8 liters)
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