Crime Scene Stepping Pads


How can you avoid disturbing or destroying physical evidence while processing the crime scene? Use the CSSP100K. It includes heavy-gauge (0.090 thick) aluminum alloy stepping pads stacked in a heavy-duty, molded carrying case for instant use. They're ideal for deployment on any flat floor surface whether it's wood, carpet, ceramic or vinyl tile. An extremely small footprint of 2.5 sq. in. per pad is made with the six points that the stepping pads touch the floor. The CSSP100K Crime Scene Stepping Pads boast two important safety features. First are the non-slip friction pads installed on the feet to assure steadfast placement and prevent surface damage. Secondly, each pad is machine-stamped with 131 traction protrusions to facilitate a non-slip surface which is especially beneficial if you're wearing leather bottomed shoes.

Includes 10 stepping pads and carry case.

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