Cap-Shure Sterile Swabs with Tip Protector (Set of 500)

These new swabs are a uniquely crafted method for collection of small quantities of very fragile evidence. Whether it's blood, saliva, latent print residue or other physiological fluids, Cap-Shure™ Swabs ensure the integrity of the samples.Each sterile swab is equipped with a highly absorbent, sterile cotton tip that is protected by a contaminant-free plastic tip protector. To use Cap-Shure™ Swabs, simply open the tip protector cap and slide it down. Swab the cotton tip on the surface in question and slide the cover back in place, snapping it closed. These ventilated caps permit normal air drying. For the containment and transportation of Cap-Shure™ Swabs, use the larger sized KCP254C Vented Swab Boxes. Set of 500.
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