Blood Spatter Documentation Kit


This versatile blood spatter documentation kit was originally developed as a support for our Bloodstain Pattern Documentation 4 day training course. The kit is ideal for investigators in the field who need a comprehensive adaptable measuring kit to assist in documenting blood spatter on site.


1- Protractor

1- Plumb Bob, Steel Nickel Plated, 8 oz

1- KCP114 Retractable Steel Tape Measure, 3pk

1- SK800 Tape Measure 50 ft. (15m)

1- PPS201 Photograph Numbers, 0-4cm scale/10

1- PPS202 Photograph #’s 0-2cm scale/10

2- PPS800 Forensic Scale (metric),105mmx105mm

2- PPS801 Forensic Scale(english), 4" x 4"

1- PPS400 Photographic Rulers,wht.w/blk, 10/pk

1- PPS403 Photographic Rulers,blk w/ wht, 10/pk

2- 601E Evidence Rule Tape

1- EPS30B Photo Evidence Ruler, 10 ea.

1- EPS30W Photo Evidence Ruler, 10 ea.

1- EPS20B Photo Evidence Rule, 100 ea.

1- EPS20W Photo Evidence Rule, 100 ea.

1- PPS500 Photo Evidence Scales, White on black, 50 ea.

1- PPS502 Adhesive Photo Evidence Scales, Black on white, 50 ea.

1- PPS700 Big Numeral Reference Scale, 12”, 5 ea.

1- BSDOCK100C Carrying Case High-impact copolymer carrying case w/handle; Dimensions: 18” x 13” x 9” (45.7cm x 33cm x 22.9cm); Weight: 8.8 lbs. (4kg)

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